Token Engineering Global
& Protea Gather
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Token Engineering Global is migrating their existing ecosystem of

15+ meetup communities and 3000+ members to Protea Gather over the coming months. The global gathering marks the beginning of this. You are now able to join the TE Global community on Gather (xDai testnet), supported by it's own token.

TE Token

Over the next few weeks the community will get accustomed with Gather on xDai testnet, after which they'll migrate to xDai mainnet. 

The experimentation starts NOW! The TEGG #chill #networking #drinks BerlinBlockchainWeek wrap-up event @7pm on the 23rd of Aug is TEGs inaugural Gather event. Here's a direct link on Gather.

Signing up, joining TE Global & RSVPing to tonight’s event won’t take longer than 5 minutes - thanks to our xDai & Abridged integration :)

Here's how to join in 3 quick steps

Sign up - 3 min
Go to
Sign-up via email

Join - 1 min
Find the TEG community
Buy into TEG

RSVP - 1 min
Go to tonight's event