Growing communities of tomorrow

Protea [x] is an open software protocol that supports emerging cooperative ecosystems.

As Protea tokenizes trust and incentivises collaboration, communities can grow.

com • mu • ni • ty

In sharing a transparent set of principles,

we interact and collaborate in cooperative ways that benefit each of us as individuals

and the community as a whole.


An open protocol for growing communities of tomorrow

Protea [x] is an open-source & decentralized software protocol that provides the backbone for emerging cooperative ecosystems.


Rooted in tokenized trust and incentivised collaboration, the protocol fosters commitment and alignment around shared principles. Both existing communities and those yet to be imagined are able to flourish.

Our goal is to create a radically open, modular and interoperable framework that leverages diverse trust utilities, sustaining communities into the future. 

Shifting commons

Creating human networks that are self-sustaining and support collective peer-to-peer collaboration, with distributed ownership of risks and benefits at scale, is challenging. Innovating around value, diversity and cooperation, Protea [x] has explored a new standard for shifting commons.


Modern communities are liquid, loose, and driven by the economics of their attention. Through the reliable building blocks of token-engineering primitives, we can quantify to a granular level the value and attention of a community.


There is no “one shoe fits all” in fashioning a framework for growing communities. Establishing communities upon a framework with a reliable core that is radically open, modular and connected makes them flexible and adaptive.


Aligning principles in cooperative networks is difficult. Cooperation breaks at scale and self-interest corrupts shared principles. Bonding communities around a transparent set of shared principles with token incentives builds ownership and creates sustainable ecosystems that benefit everyone.  

A reliable core of modular components

Protea [x] is founded on three core components, all of which are radically open, modular and adaptable.

Community Markets

Token Bonding Curves create autonomous community marketplaces. They incentivise & reward early contributions, provide a tangible value representation and offer sustainable community funding mechanisms.

Trust Interactions

Based on “skin-in-the-game” commitment principles, the tokenized trust algorithms of Protea [x] are standardized and infinitely adaptable, making trust interactions within communities seamless.

Proof of Interaction

Connecting human interactions with the blockchain, creates a strong bond between tokenized trust algorithms and shared community principles.

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